Pokémon Go Overview and Impact

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game with the free-to-play feature. It is developed by Niantic. Recently this game was been launched in selected countries and the gamers play this game on their mobile devices with the access of GPS in order to trace, capture, encounter and train virtual mortals.

Pokémon Go Overview and Impact

After the release of Pokémon go there were mixed reviews in the market as the critics were appreciating the concept of the game and some were criticizing the technological issues at the time of launch. In short span of time it became the most demanded gamming app as around 130 million people downloaded this game. The local business also got a boom with the launch of Pokémon Go.

There were some odds also that this game has to face like there was a huge controversy on this game causing accidents and to become an annoyance to the public. The government companies also had apprehension about the security and the regulation of this game in other countries.

The company has also announced the collaboration of Pokémon Go with McDonalds after the release in Japan. It is anticipated that the game is earning approximately $1.7million in a day from the Apple devices in US. Nintendo prices also doubled after the launch of the game. The local vendors in US many gamers roam around at the same time that contributed in huge sales as they Poke stop and Gym were located near the bars, restaurants and café.

The bicycle rental market also earned huge profits as lot of gamers were renting bicycles to hunt their neighbourhood. The Nintendo’s share prices also raised up to 50% after release of Pokémon Go. The investors were trading in the game not only for its popularity, but also because Nintendo app releases were doing well after company move towards the mobile app industry.

Nintendo app also earned huge profits and earned more than $1.8 trillion in market capitalization after the successful launch of Pokémon Go. After the statement came from the company that they did not produce Pokémon Go and also are not earning profits in it, the stock prices of the game came down by 18% which was approx. $6.7 billion loss in the stock market. This was the biggest fall for Nintendo in the single day till then. As per Macquarie Securities the company is expected to have around 13% economic stake in the gaming app.

Effect of game was not only on the stock prices of Nintendo but other companies also got effected like First baking Co, Tomy, Bank of Kyoto, all of them earned huge and significant gains. Battery cases manufacturing company, Zagg recorded the rise of 25% in its stock in relation with the Pokémon Go game.

Technical issues were also faced by Pokémon Go as the game suffered frequent hanging problems due to more usage. In many cases there were crashes and errors related to authentication which affected the game for several days. After the initial days of launch the game could not be accessed from the Pokémon Trainer Club accounts, the Gmail account gamers could only got the access to play the game. Other counties like Australia and many European countries also suffered problems. In Australia local servers gained the access to play the game before the official release. After so many issues of outages and hacking, company apologised for the servers at Comic Con event 2016.

For the iOS devices the game was accessed through the google accounts that allowed access to the app to access players from Gmail, Google drive based files, images, videos that were stored in their accounts. The company and Nintendo acted fast on the issues raised by iOS app. CEO of the security company Trail of bits, Dan Guido, did the app analysis and found out that during the play game request to access the accounts but nowhere the third party interference was revealed. It was accessing the accounts and emails of people and their contacts. The update from iOS app eliminated this problem. Later on Niantic released the statement saying that no information was used or collected beyond the necessity of the game from the app access.

Apart from the server issues, Pokémon go also faced other issues as another bug appeared in July 2016 which disabled the tracking feature of the game and made it of no use. This feature of tracking shows from zero to three footprints that informs other gamer about how close they are from nearest Pokemon. The company removed this feature of footstep on July 30 but on August 1st again player had another issue of swapping captured Pokemon with another creature. Later on Niantic did some changes in the Pokémon and made it little difficult to capture creatures and some legendary Pokémon were removed from the accounts to make it more fair game.

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