Gadgets That Will Make Your Holiday Memorable

Technology makes our life easier and more convenient. With the holidays right around the corner, and holiday travel on everyone’s mind, that convenience can make the  difference between uncomfortable travel and a truly memorable holiday for you and your family.


GoPro Hero Video Camera

What isn’t to love about the hero series of video cameras from GoPro? Although the price has been steadily increasing, so have the functions and features. The Hero 5 is the latest rendition of this go-anywhere, do-anything camera but the less expensive Hero 4 is still a quality buy with most of the capabilities of its newer brother.

GoPro made its reputation with sports and activities that focused on action, but the GoPro hero line is good enough to use for non-extreme activities, too. This video camera can do it all, no matter what type of holiday you are going on.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

While traveling, peace and quiet are at a premium. Stuck on a plane, in the airport or even on long trips in the car, a quality set of noise cancelling headphones can be a life saver. Not just for you, of course, but for all the traveling companions you bring along.

A good pair can be an expensive proposition, but it is difficult to put a price on peaceful, holiday travel.

Portable Wi-Fi

Staying connected is important in our modern, social media savvy lives. Dependable Wi-Fi can be a hit or miss proposition while traveling and although many portable Wi-Fi devices are expensive to buy and charge a ton for reliable data, there is another option, especially if you are only going to be away from home for a week or so.

Tep Wireless rents a mobile Wi-Fi device for less than $10 per day. With coverage that encompasses most of the globe – with certain exceptions – Tep offers what is easily the most affordable Wi-Fi solution for holiday travelers.


Waterproof digital camera

Complementing the waterproof GoPro video camera, a still waterproof camera is a must have for holiday goers who have included trips to the beach, snorkeling or any water sport to their holiday plans. Whether you want an inexpensive compact digital camera or a high-quality DSLR depends on your budget and comfort level, but a waterproof camera is a must have for holiday travelers.


Kindle eReader

Sometimes you just need to curl up with a good book to take your mind off the hustle and bustle of holiday travel. Lugging around paperback or hardback books is silly when you can get a Kindle eReader and take as many books as you want in a light, easy-to-use package.

Although there are other eReaders out there the Amazon’s Kindle has the biggest selection of digital books anywhere. They also have a number of programs for free or reduced price books, including lending deals with many local libraries.

There you have it. Five tech devices you want to take on your holiday excursions. Some are for capturing the action and some are for enjoying a little down time, but all of them will contribute to having a great holiday and coming home sane and happy.