Gadget Review: Bluetooth Turntable with Vinyl to MP3

In our gadget review series for testing modern tech gadgets, we are happy today to review the following wooden turntable with modern Bluetooth technology and a handy Vinyl-to-MP3 function that guarantees many happy hours of entertainment and nostalgic memories for young and older generations. Thanks to 1ByOne, this nice gadget has been shipped to us for a review. We’ve tested the gaming headset and will show you the details in this review article.

belt-driven turntable BT player unboxing


After this quick order delivery from the Amazon store, this highly awaited item was shipped to our door in only 1 day. The package is nicely designed and has the known 1byOne appearance look. The design consists of a mainly black front with a combination of red and white colors. The package arrived without any damage, thanks to the quality packaging and Amazon premium delivery.

belt-driven turntable with Bluetooth

First Impression

This turntable comes in a very traditional solid wooden appearance, which we really liked. In modern times gadgets are mainly covered by plastic or colder metal materials. Wood is something very natural by design and stands for quality manufacturing. Its black wooden case is an eye catcher and brings back all these nostalgic memories and sounds that come along by using old fashion vinyl music turntables. In a positive contrast to the classic wooden design stands up-to-date technology like Bluetooth, a Vinyl-to-MP3 function to digitize and backup your favorite music to modern digital devices.

Additionally, there is the transparent plastic dust cover that keeps any kind of dust away while playing your favorite vinyl music.

belt-driven turntable volume control

Integrated Stereo Speakers

The built-in speakers offer a good stereo sound spectrum and can be personalized by the volume control panel on the right side of the device. The active two way stereo system offers a clear sound which is optimized for the majority of common- all time music genres. In case, the integrated stereo speakers do not fit the purpose, external speakers can be connected to pass the audio output to a PA sound system.

belt-driven turntable open

Speed selection

Different types of vinyl discs require an alteration of speed. The technology behind turntables is based on gramophone records. All common vinyl record types can be selected as per 33/45/78 RPM (rounds per minute).

wireless sound bluetooth


The belt driven turntable has an internal Bluetooth adapter that allows users to connect with their smartphone and use the integrated stereo speakers to stream audio and music of any kind from the mobile user device to the turntable speakers. Connecting the device by an iPhone was easy. Just open the Bluetooth page in iOS settings and search for available BT devices in range. Then find and connect with the one called “1byOne AS” and you can start playing your music to stream it directly to the turntable. This works as plug and play where you can play music from all of your personal devices like BT mp3 players, smartphones and tablets. No wires needed to stream your music!

belt-driven turntable with Bluetooth rear side

3.5mm AUX-In

For all devices that do not support Bluetooth connection streaming, the good old fashioned 3.5 AUX-In wire connector can be used to transfer music “by-wire” and use the integrated stereo speakers as output device. An external Line (red and white connectors) can be used to connect external speakers.

belt-driven turntable controls

Vinyl to MP3

One of the highlight features of this classic wooden turntable is its function to digitize your vinyl records to into the MP3 format. Just put a USB stick into the available port and press the record button to start playing and recording to MP3.

Product Specifications

Product: Belt driven turntable with Bluetooth
Dimensions: 16.9 x 6.2 x 13.9 inches
Speakers: 2-way stereo speakers with clear sound
Connectors: 3.5mm AUX-In jack for wired transfer
Bluetooth: Integrated Bluetooth connectivity to stream music wireless from mobile devices
Turntable: 3 Speeds turntable with 33/45/78 RPM
USB: 1 USB port for playing and recording
Vinyl to MP3 USB to MP3 function to digitize vinyl records to MP3 format
Installation: Just plug into a power outlet and prepare playing
Weight: ca 3.5 kg (7 pounds)
Warranty: 12 month guarantee


Review conclusion

As a conclusion to this gadget review let us say, that this is a great practical example of a modern product, that combines classical wooden design with latest technology features. It is a retro product everyone knows and the fact that digital music today is very different in the way how it is consumed, makes this turntable a really good choice to enjoy these nostalgic moments and evenings once again. For people without many vinyl records it is also a good choice because of the modern built-in Bluetooth connectivity feature. The belt-driven turntable also makes a good look in every living room, just as an eye catcher with its black wood frame. We enjoyed this review a lot and will continue to play our original Tina Turner/Cat Stevens/AC/DC vinyl discs from time to time 🙂

This product is very worth its $95.99 on Amazon. You can get it HERE.

Enjoy the entertainment!

We hope you liked this review and please let us know your thoughts of any kind in the comment section below 🙂